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Sonia WilkinsonHello! I’m Sonia Wilkinson, and I hope to help you add personality – your personality – to your home or work place.

Life can be tough at times! I have always been one to lighten the mood of any situation, with humour or support. That’s my personality in general. A part of it, anyway. I have also had a life-long passion for making the space I live in comfortable for myself and the people I live with. And that, in turn, reflects who we all are. And based on conversations with my friends and family, I’m not alone! I think a lot of us out there like to dabble in interior decorating. A lot can go into choosing furniture, colours, position of everything, and of course artwork! This can be stressful or it can bring joy to our daily lives… maybe a bit of both!

With this website and my paintings, I on an exploration of art for our modern day interiors.  the various design styles out there, and see if I can make the choosing of interior pieces and colours into that thing of joy. I want people to feel the

When I started down the road of looking for something

Why not inject some humour into your home or office to lighten the mood! With the use of colour and shapes, my goal is to provide you with a bit of fun for your walls.

I am Sonia Wilkinson, Graphic Designer by day, and Acrylic Painter by night. I have been a graphic designer for over 20 years, and still am for the time being. Art and design have been in my bones pretty much from the start. Not just drawing or painting, but sculpting with clay or plaster, and playing with pretty much any medium. I was never a conformist, either. I remember once my teacher tried to get me to colour within the lines of some colouring book I was playing with. My response was to scribble all over the place in retaliation! It’s somewhat interesting that I turn to graphic lines now with my acrylic paintings, and am keeping my colours within them…for the most part.

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