The Journey

Hello! As I write this, my website, the very one you’re staring at, is behind an “under construction” page. That means, if I metaphorically call out, a big loud silence will fill my ears. And that’s okay. Because I know, in my bones, this is the beginning of something great! You see, I have been on a journey. For the last 21 + years I have been a graphic designer. It was a second choice at the time, since my first choice, horses, was not what I had hoped. Art has been part of me since I was a small child. My parents have told me recently that they knew I was an artist pretty much from the start. I think I took it for granted, really, or didn’t really think on it much. But as I have matured, I have come to realize that design and art are part of me and I would never be happy doing anything else.

For the last, I’d say 10 years, I have been looking for the next thing after graphic design. That career has been fine and has paid the bills. But the thing is, what I ended up doing was not really creative. Essentially, I have been trying to make other people happy, doing what is really desktop publishing, as they called it back in the day (God that makes me feel old!). So, for the last 21 years, I have been on the perpetual mouse wheel of doing what makes other people happy. It’s frustrating and not at all fulfilling. So, what next? I started with working with a partner, Barb Keck, and launched a website about health and living life. We put about 4 years into that, I think, before we each realised it wasn’t what either of us wanted. My next project was a music website – when and where the bands were playing in the Niagara Region. That looked hopeful, until I did the math and realised there was no way I’d be able to bring in the income to support such a daunting task. It also helped that I had


I have been looking for that next thing after graphic design for over a decade. I’ve tried one thing then another and another…a couple were websites until a biz coach helped me sit back and realise I can’t stand doing websites. Ha!

Finally, this last year, I managed to run away on a trip with my family. It was kind of epic for me. Huge step away from chaos of daily life. When I got back I was totally ready to try something I don’t normally do – paint pictures. No idea why that…some dead relative was poking at me to try it, I think. Sure I’ve been around art all my life, but not seriously. I picked up a pencil and doodled some. Cool! Then the paint brush… more cool!! and suddenly everything in me said I was meant to do this. I’ve now completed 3 paintings. More to come.

Just saying all this because I’m finally seeing the light – not the one where aforementioned dead relatives are beckoning me into the afterlife, but the one at the end of the long tunnel I’ve been wading through.